Take Better Photos With These Quick Tips

I’ve been writing a lot of articles about different photography exercises you can do from home during stay at home orders, and the one thing all of these photography techniques have in common is that they’re going to help you take better photos. 

I’ll be honest, I haven’t progressed in my life as much as I’ve wanted to this year and reading different news articles about the impressive things some people are doing during this has put a lot of pressure on me. But, let’s be honest, most of us will probably come out of this pandemic without knowing how to create homemade bread or without being in good enough shape to run a marathon.

So, instead of focusing on these large goals, I’m focusing on one. I want to take better photos, and I’m inviting you to improve your photography with me. 

There’s really no need to reinvent the wheel if you want to take better photos. You simply need to ask other people for help.

While you don’t have to take all of the advice other photographers give you, having an unbiased set of eyes look at your work and give you some photography tips may help you see something you never would have seen on your own.

Plus, if you’re willing to do the same thing for other photographers, you should have no problem finding willing volunteers. I’ve even created some lifetime friends using this technique to learn how to take better photos. 

Adopt a New Perspective

This is one of my favourite beginner photography tips because it forces you to get out of your comfort zone. In order to take better photos, you need to change your perspective.

This means you need to be comfortable crawling around on the ground or climbing a tree. Simply by photographing something you would normally photograph at eye height from a different vantage point, you can learn all sorts of things about composition, colour, and contrast.  

Since adopting a new perspective can be pretty easy to do for kids, I actually take my son on “adventures” where him to find me something interesting to photograph. As a father, sometimes you need to get creative about working in your hobby to childcare time. He loves it and it’s led to me being able to take better photos. 

Be Intentional

The first step to learning how to take better photos is learning how to plan a photo shoot and being intentional with it.

You need to sit down and figure out what you want to accomplish from every photo shoot you do. Do you want to create a set of photos that all have a binding theme.

Some of my favourite photo projects, like The Right Oneself by Kerry Skarbakka, span decades and yet every photo in the project sticks to one theme. The work by Skarbakka started after in his life. He wanted every image to portray the feeling of having the world pulled out from under you.