How to successfully run your photography business

You have the ability to work on what you love, be your own boss, create new art every day, and get paid very well for it.

On the other hand, 85% of creative & photography businesses within the first few years.

This article defines the main reasons why your business will & teaches you how to succeed instead.

Big is popular.
Big is headline news & social media viral hype.

Big is millions of followers, likes, clicks, and shares.

It is how you’re told to build every aspect of your business.
Your brand.
Your online following.
Big is the enemy of innovation, creative thought & self-improvement.
It makes decisions for short term profits, and social clout, instead of the long term improvement of it’s products & ideas.

Big needs millions of interactions to squeeze out small profit margins.

It hates experimental and creative risks. It usually can’t afford them either.

Big is the goal of the masses. It’s their undefined version of success.
It’s what they’re programmed to aim for, in everything, without thinking twice.

Big works well for manufacturing widgets or anything else on a factory assembly line.

This is the opposite goal of a creator or a photographer.

Most big companies were born in the First Machine  which utilized physical machines & assembly lines to increase profit margins and make billions of dollars.
These machines & armies of assembly line workers cost millions, so only large companies could afford them.

That meant two choices:

You had enough money / funding to own a large company.
You worked for one.
Small companies didn’t have enough funding to buy or maintain the machines or people, so the big companies ate them alive.

Now, we are in the Second Machine Age, which I call the Digital Machine Age.
The most profitable machines have changed location & appearance. They cost almost nothing to maintain, or purchase, and scale / replicate for free.

These machines save you time by automating non-creative tasks that you used to do by hand or pay someone else to do.

They are made from digital bits, computer code, and algorithms.

You don’t need to understand code to utilize them.

They allow you to get your art & ideas out to one person or a million people, with no added work as the scale increases.
Big is starting to notice that the business methods that served it for the last 100+ years are no longer working as well.

Small companies and creators can now afford the same digital machines that big companies can.

The digital machine age made these tools available to everyone & leveled the playing field. The internet changed everything. Now small groups of people, in love with niche topics (categories), can find each other.
These groups need a leader, and idea maker, someone on the cutting edge, always looking to learn & improve.

Who will define the new categories and push the boundaries within them?

You can become this person.
You can teach what you learned from 10,000 hours in the trenches, doing work that you love, day after day, while everyone else was aiming for big.

You can show others that you walk the walk. That creating world-class products and ideas, long term, is the real reason you exist.