How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Photographer

There’s been a lot of talk about environmental awareness lately, and for really good reason. We have polluted our planet for decades and if we hope to prevent any further climate change, then we all need to do our part.  

But, as photographers, it can seem sort of confusing figuring out how to be an activist for the well being of our planet. While I don’t necessarily want to pivot my entire in order as an eco-friendly photographer, I do want to do what I can. 

For people who are thinking along the same lines, I have good news. If you want to be an eco-friendly photographer, there are a few really simple steps you can take that won’t require much money or effort on your part. 

Use Less Electricity

I’m sure you’ve seen these statistics before, but your desktop computer uses 175 kg of per year. In order to be a more eco-friendly photographer, all you need to do is remember to turn off your desktop, your laptop, and unplug your batteries when you are no longer using them.  

The bigger your setup is, the more money you’re spending on charging it every year and the more you’re sending into the atmosphere. I think this is one of those best practices for photographers that we all get into the habit of ignoring. 

Plus, a lot of times being an eco-friendly photographer also means you’re going to save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run. When you unplug your chargers, you extend the shelf-life of those chargers. 

Use High-Quality Batteries

This is another way that you can both strive to be an eco-friendly photographer and save yourself time and money.  

I know it can be tempting to purchase cheap, third party batteries, but those cheap, third party batteries never last as long as the batteries from your camera manufacturer. Spend a little more money upfront to purchase battery and you won’t just save money over the years, but you’ll also send less batteries to the landfill. 

Since each one of your batteries will take a century to decompose, buying the more expensive your battery usage in half is one of the best ways to be an eco-friendly photographer. 

Be Vocal About the Environment

We all know those photographers who spend all of their time talking about the environment. I’m not really saying you have to do this to be considered an environmentally-friendly photographer. 

But, if you have a large platform, you can be vocal about different environmental themes that you’re passionate about. For instance, if you love animals, you can make it a goal to go photograph an species. Conversely, if you run educational for photographers, maybe think about building one to specifically teach people how to be an eco-friendly photographer. 

I think Photography Talk is a great example of this. We cover all sorts of photography business tips, camera reviews, etc., but we also occasionally host articles like this one because we think it’s important. 

Resist the Temptation to Trespass

This is one of those pet peeves that me. You can’t claim to be an eco-friendly photographer and trespass.  

There’s a reason why those signs requesting you to stay on the trail are up. Usually it’s because the parks are trying to create a safe area for flora and fauna. When you trespass to grab the perfect shot, you may also be the same plants or animals that you’re there to photograph.