Five Tips for Becoming a Better Travel Photographer

If you want nothing more than to be a travel photographer, you definitely aren’t alone. Travel photography is so rewarding because you’re constantly seeing new things, facing new challenges and figuring out why your photography is so important for people to see. 

But, becoming a travel photographer is also difficult. Chances are that you won’t make very much money doing it. A good travel photographer salary is around $60,000 if you’re being sent on assignments by different clients, but if you’re working for yourself then this annual salary will probably drop to under $30,000. 

However, $30,000 U.S. dollars is a really large sum of money if you’re spending most of your time in Thailand or Chile. It’s all about how and where you live.  

If this sounds appealing to you, then I’ve compiled some travel photography tips for you. These tips will help you to make more money, find more clients, and understand your goals as a travel photographer. 

Figure Out What You Want

The most successful travel photographers are people who are avid planners. This is not a profession you can just jump into. It takes effort.

Some questions you need to ask yourself about your travel photography are:

  • What do you want to do with travel photography?
  • Is this your final stop, or do you just want to use travel photography to travel for a short amount of time?
  • How much are you comfortable earning every year? 
  • What sorts of personal and family goals will you be putting off by becoming a travel photographer? 
  • How much can you afford to start this business?

Just because you will be working for yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t need to create a plan. 

This is an especially important move because, chances are, you may be putting off some large personal goals, like owning a home or having a child, in order to pursue this dream right now. 

You’ll also need to closely examine how much money you can truly afford to spend to start this business. There are a ton of start up costs to travel photography. You’ll need plenty of new gear, like leather camera bags for travelling such as Holdfast’s Roamographer bag.

You’ll need plenty of other things too, like several lenses, a second camera body, and a good tripod. And investing in good gear that’s durable and can stand up to the rigors of travel isn’t exactly cheap! 

Once you understand what this career can and cannot do for you, all of the next steps will be much easier.

There are three all important aspects of creating in our modern world. First, you need to build a name for yourself. 

You can use your own name, or you can create, but you need to decide now which of these things you want to do. Changing your brand name a year into your travel photography means you will be losing valuable recognition. 

You’ll also need to check to make sure that whatever name you choose for your company is available. Make sure there are no other LLCs with that name. Then, make sure a website title would be available for that name. 

You should also check with friends and family to see what names they like best for your brand.