Makeover a plain pair of canvas shoes with a quirky pomegranate design. This DIY espadrilles upgrade is an easy iron-on vinyl project that takes only a few minutes to make. Upgrade a boring pair of shoes into something to really step out in!

I was lucky enough to find a new pair of Soludos Espadrilles at the Op-Shop a few months ago. They fit me perfectly and are super comfortable, but had some slight fading on the front.

Because I don’t ever pass up a good thrift store bargain, I bought them with the idea of embroidering or embellishing them in some way.

They sat around in my craft room for months, and I just found them the other day while tidying up.

Because the weather is getting warmer, I thought it was time to tackle this DIY Espadrilles makeover project so I could wear them this summer.

I was thinking that a fruit motif would be a fun way to upgrade this light blue pair of espadrilles and cover up (or at least distract from) the dirty marks on the front.

After browsing through the hundreds of fruit designs on Cricut Design Space I found these retro inspired pomegranates that reminded me of Marimekko style prints. Perfectly simple for Summer!

I love the look of mismatched shoes, Of course you can make your pair matching if that is more your style.

The bright vinyl really pops, and you can barely tell that the fabric underneath is unevenly faded. A successful upgrade in my books.

How to update a boring pair of Espadrilles with some Iron-On Vinyl

Just a few small scraps of iron-on vinyl is all that’s required to jazz up a plain pair of espadrilles or canvas shoes.

I’ve used my Cricut Joy cutting machine which is compact and ideally suited for this quick shoe makeover project. In the past I’ve used smart vinyl to update a bag with leopard print, but any regular vinyl can be on the Joy using a cutting mat.

The stylised pomegranate design can be found on Cricut design space. I mixed a couple of different patterns together to create these 2 distinct pomegranates. I’ve linked to the project file below.

If you don’t like the idea of mismatched shoes, choose just one design and it twice for a matching pair.

I used a regular iron to iron-on this vinyl design with mixed results. It took some experimenting to get the temperature on my iron right, but in the end I’m pretty happy with the results.

If you have access to a Cricut Heat Press Mini iron, I’d recommend using that, as it controls the temperature much more accurately and is especially designed to be used with Cricut Iron-on vinyl products.

You will need:

  • Canvas Espadrilles or other canvas shoes
  • Cricut Joy (or any other Cricut cutting machine)
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-on and Light Pink
  • Cricut Joy Standard Grip Mat (or other appropriate mat)
  • Cricut access subscription (optional)
  • Cricut basic tool set
  • Cricut Easy Press Mini or regular iron
  • Small face towel
  • Non-stick Baking paper

1. Open DIY Pomegranate Espadrilles Project in Cricut Design Space.

2. Measure the space on the front of your shoes and and adjust the size of the pomegranate motifs accordingly.

3. Click on ‘Make it’ and select material. Choose ‘with mat’ if using regular iron-on. Make sure you select ‘mirror’ for iron-on vinyl.

Cutting and preparing vinyl

4. vinyl to mat size and affix shiny side down to standard grip mat.

Tip: To save time, adhere vinyl to opposite ends of long mat. When cutting is done on the first colour, just flip and continue with second colour.

5. The Design Space instructions for design cutting.

6. Once the cutting is finished, remove excess vinyl, taking care not to remove any of the design.

7. Use the weeding tool to remove ‘seeds’ from the centre of the pink vinyl. Keep a small scrap of adhesive backing handy to ‘catch’ the small pieces you remove.

8. Weeding the little details is time consuming but worth the effort.

Ironing on Heat Transfer Vinyl

9. Plug in and warm up your Easy Press Mini or iron and select Medium temperature according to the instructions on the Cricut Heat Guide. I’ve selected the base material as 100% cotton.